Bachelor of Arts with a Major in International Affairs, Middle East Concentration

Requirements for the concentration

In addition to specific topics listed under IAFF 2190W, the IAFF 3100-range, and IAFF 4191, other topics relevant to the concentration may be approved by the academic advisor.

If a student wishes to take any course not listed, prior approval of the academic advisor is required.

Five courses from the following. At least two courses must be from Group A and at least two courses from Group B.
Group A:
ANTH 3707Anthropology of the Middle East
ECON 2151Economic Development
GEOG 3154Geography of the Middle East and North Africa
IAFF 2040Basic Topics in International Affairs (Middle East: An International Affairs Survey)
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (Arab Politics)
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (Politics and Culture in the Middle East)
IAFF 3188Special Topics in Middle East Studies
IAFF 4191Research Seminar (Political Islam)
PSC 2337Development Politics
PSC 2377Comparative Politics of the Middle East
PSC 2379Politics and Foreign Policy of Israel
PSC 2476The Arab-Israeli Conflict
PSC 2478International Relations of the Middle East
PSC 2992Special Topics in American Politics and Government (Oil and Politics)
PSC 2993Special Topics in Comparative Politics (Israeli Politics and Culture)
Group B:
AH 3113Islamic Art and Architecture
HIST 2803The Ancient Near East and Egypt to 322 B.C.
HIST 2804History of Ancient Israel
HIST 2805WMajors’ Introductory Seminar: Middle East (Land and Power in Israel and Palestine)
HIST 3060Modern Jewish History
HIST 3801Topics in Middle Eastern History
HIST 3810History of the Middle East to 1800
HIST 3811The Emergence of the Modern Middle East
HIST 3820History of Israel
HIST 3830History of Iraq
HIST 3840History of Central Asia
HIST 3850Modern Iran
REL 2211Rabbinic Thought and Literature
REL 2401Islam
REL 3141Second Temple/Hellenistic Judaism
REL 3231Jewish Mysticism
REL 3291Modern Jewish Thought
REL 3405Shi'ite Islam
REL 3414Islamic Philosophy and Theology
REL 3425Islamic Political Thought
REL 3431Sufism (Islamic Mysticism)
REL 3475Islamic Religion and Art
REL 3481Women in Islam
Any undergraduate literature or film course numbered 2000 or above with this regional focus.