Bachelor of Arts with a Major in International Affairs, Latin America Concentration

In addition to specific topics listed under IAFF 2190W, the IAFF 3100-range, and IAFF 4191, other topics relevant to the concentration may be approved by the academic advisor.

If a student wishes to take any course not listed here, prior approval of the academic advisor is required.

Five courses from the following. At least two courses must be from Group A and at least two courses must from Group B.
Group A:
ANTH 3702Anthropology of Latin America
ANTH 3814Ancient Mexican Civilizations
ECON 2151Economic Development
ECON 2185Economic History and Problems of Latin America
GEOG 3161Geography of Latin America
IAFF 2090Latin America: Problems and Promise
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (Political Economy of Latin America)
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (Latin American Populism)
IAFF 3183Special Topics in Development Policy (Post-Disaster Development: Haiti)
IAFF 3187Special Topics in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies
PSC 2337Development Politics
PSC 2383Comparative Politics of Latin America
PSC 2484International Relations of Latin America
Group B:
AH 2160Latin American Art and Architecture
HIST 3150Spain and Its Empire, 1492–1700
HIST 3701Topics in Latin American History
HIST 3710History of Latin America I
HIST 3711History of Latin America II
IAFF 3187Special Topics in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies (Mexico Since Independence) *
SPAN 3021Advanced Spanish for Oral Communication—Latin America
SPAN 3022Advanced Oral Proficiency: Environmental and Social Sustainability in Latin America
SPAN 3400Theatre of Spain and Latin America
SPAN 3430Afro–Latin America in the Diaspora
SPAN 3550Queer Latin America
Any undergraduate literature or film course numbered 2000 or above with this regional focus.
*Only this specific topic offered under IAFF 3187 is approved for Group B; all other IAFF 3187 topics are approved for the Latin America concentration Group A.