Bachelor of Arts with a Major in International Affairs, International Economics Concentration

Requirements for the concentration

In addition to specific topics listed under IAFF 2190W, the IAFF 3100-range, IAFF 4191, and IBUS 4900, other topics relevant to the concentration may be approved by the academic advisor.
If a student wishes to take any course not listed, prior approval of the academic advisor is required.
Students completing this concentration must use ECON 2181 and 2182 or ECON 3181 and ECON 2182 to satisfy the advanced fundamentals international economics requirement.
Five courses from the following:
ANTH 3501Anthropology of Development
ECON 2101Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
or ECON 2103 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory: A Mathematical Approach
ECON 2102Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
or ECON 2104 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory: A Mathematical Approach
ECON 2121Financial Economics
ECON 2136Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
ECON 2151Economic Development
ECON 2157Urban and Regional Economics
ECON 2158Industrial Organization
ECON 2169Introduction to the Economy of China
ECON 2170Introduction to the Economy of Japan
ECON 2185Economic History and Problems of Latin America
ECON 2198Special Topics in Economics - Regional (Economics of Africa)
ECON 2198Special Topics in Economics - Regional (East Asian Economies)
ECON 3161Public Finance: Expenditure Programs
ECON 3162Public Finance: Taxation
ECON 3191Game Theory
GEOG 2120World Regional Geography
GEOG 2125Transportation Systems and Networks
GEOG 2127Population Geography
GEOG 2133People, Land, and Food
GEOG 2134Energy Resources
GEOG 2136Water Resources
GEOG 2141Cities in the Developing World
GEOG 2148Economic Geography
GEOG 3143Urban Sustainability
GEOG 3198Special Topics (Biogeography)
IAFF 2040Basic Topics in International Affairs (Game Theory and Strategy)
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (Crowdsourcing and the Future of Work)
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (Foreign Policy Decision Making)
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (International Environmental Policy)
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (Latin American Populism)
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics (Women in Global Politics)
IAFF 3180Special Topics in Security Policy (Global Energy Security)
IAFF 3180Special Topics in Security Policy (Globalization and National Security)
IAFF 3183Special Topics in Development Policy (Globalization for Sustainable Development)
IAFF 3183Special Topics in Development Policy (International Development: Theory, Policy, and Practice)
or ANTH 3501 Anthropology of Development
IAFF 3184Special Topics in Trade and International Economic Policy
IAFF 3187Special Topics in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies (Latino Migration)
IAFF 3187Special Topics in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies (Political Economy of Latin America)
IAFF 3190Special Topics in International Affairs (International Environmental Policy)
IBUS 3001Introduction to International Business
IBUS 3101Global Financial Environment
IBUS 3201International Marketing Management
IBUS 3301International Business Finance
IBUS 4202Regional Strategy for Multinationals
IBUS 4203Foreign Market Analysis
IBUS 4302International Banking
IBUS 4303International Monetary and Financial Issues
IBUS 4401Managing the Multinational Enterprise
IBUS 4402Managing in Developing Countries
IBUS 4900Special Topics (China and the Global Economy)
IBUS 4900Special Topics (Institutions and Economic Development: The Case of Rwanda)
IBUS 4900Special Topics (Negotiations)
IBUS 4900Special Topics (Oil: Industry, Economy, Society)
PSC 2337Development Politics
PSC 2439International Political Economy
PSC 2993Special Topics in Comparative Politics (Comparative Political Economy)
SMPP 4900WSpecial Topics (Strategy and International Political Economy)
SOC 2168Economic Sociology