Bachelor of Arts with a Major in International Affairs, Global Public Health Concentration

Requirements for the concentration

In addition to specific topics listed under IAFF 2190W, the IAFF 3100-range, and IAFF 4191, other topics relevant to the concentration may be approved by the academic advisor.
Approval of the academic advisor is required in order for any course not listed below to count toward program requirements.
PUBH 3133Global Health and Development
Four courses from the following:
ANTH 2501The Anthropology of Gender: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
ANTH 3501Anthropology of Development
ANTH 3502Cultural Ecology
ANTH 3503Psychological Anthropology
ANTH 3504Illness, Healing, and Culture
ANTH 3513Anthropology of Human Rights
GEOG 2127Population Geography
GEOG 2133People, Land, and Food
GEOG 2136Water Resources
GEOG 2137Environmental Hazards
GEOG 2141Cities in the Developing World
GEOG 3132Environmental Quality and Management
GEOG 3143Urban Sustainability
IAFF 3183Special Topics in Development Policy (Human Trafficking)
IAFF 3183Special Topics in Development Policy (International Development: Theory, Policy, and Practice)
or ANTH 3501 Anthropology of Development
IAFF 3183Special Topics in Development Policy (Migration, Gender, and International Development)
IAFF 3190Special Topics in International Affairs (Human Rights and Ethics)
or ANTH 3513 Anthropology of Human Rights
PUBH 1101Introduction to Public Health and Health Services
PUBH 2110Public Health Biology
PUBH 2111Introduction to Preventive Medicine
PUBH 2113Impact of Culture upon Health
PUBH 2114Environment, Health, and Development
PUBH 2115Health, Human Rights, and Displaced Persons
PUBH 2116Global Delivery of Health Systems
PUBH 3132Health and Environment
PUBH 3134International Public Health Practice
PUBH 3137Global Public Health Nutrition
PUBH 3150Sustainable Energy and Environmental Health
PUBH 3199Topics in Public Health (Global Governance and Complex Emergencies)
SOC 2175Sociology of Sex and Gender
SUST 1001Introduction to Sustainability