Asia Specialization

See note regarding special topics* and LAW** courses.

12 credits selected from at least three of the following groupings:
Group A: History of modern Asia
HIST 6601Topics: Asian History (Geography and Politics of Afghanistan and South & Central Asia)
HIST 6602Asia: History, Memory, and Violence
HIST 6611Readings Seminar: Twentieth-Century China
HIST 6630Special Topics in Korean History (Modern Korea)
HIST 6641Modern Southeast Asia
Group B: Politics and Policy in Asia
1. Domestic politics, foreign policy, and law
ENGL 6560Postcolonialism
IAFF 6302Taiwan: Internal Development and Foreign Policy
LAW 6543Chinese Law and Legal Institutions *
PSC 6336The Political Economy of China, India, and Beyond
PSC 6368Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy
PSC 6370Politics of China I
PSC 6374Korean Politics
2. Security and military policy
IAFF 6118Special Topics in International Affairs (Pakistan and the Radical Islamic Threat)
IAFF 6186Special Topics in Security Policy Studies (The Chinese Military)
Group C: International relations of Asia
HIST 6301Topics: U.S. History (U.S.-Asia Relations)
IAFF 6302Taiwan: Internal Development and Foreign Policy
IAFF 6308International Relations of South Asia
PSC 6372Foreign Policy of China
PSC 6475International Politics of East Asia
PSC 8489Selected Topics in International Politics (U.S.-China Relations)
Group D: Asian business and development
ECON 6269Economy of China I
ECON 6271Economy of Japan
PSC 6336The Political Economy of China, India, and Beyond
PSC 6373Political Economy of Industrializing Asia

*Specific subject matter covered in special/selected topics courses varies by semester. Consult the Schedule of Classes for each semester's offerings. Topics courses not listed here may be used to fulfill program requirements if approved by the Program Director.

**Up to two relevant LAW courses may be taken with the permission of the Law School Dean of Students and the Elliott School academic advisor.