Master of Arts in the Field of International Affairs, Global Gender Policy Concentration

Core requirement
IAFF 6102Global Gender Policy
Supporting courses
Choose two courses below:
IAFF 6118Special Topics in International Affairs
• Gender, War, and Peace
• Research Methods in Global Gender Issues
IAFF 6138Special Topics in International Development Studies
• Gender, Tourism, and Development
• Gender, Disaster & Policy
• Gender and Development
• Human Trafficking
• Violence, Gender & Humanitarian Assistance
Students may also select ONE of the following as a supporting course:
ANTH 6501Gender and Sexuality
PHIL 6238Feminist Ethics and Policy Implications
SOC 6265Women, Welfare, and Poverty
SOC 6273The Sex Industry
WGSS 6230Global Feminisms
ANTH 6506Topics in Medical Anthropology
• Women, Health, and Development
EDUC 6640Selected Topics in International Education
• Gender in Intl. Education and Development
IAFF 6138Special Topics in International Development Studies
• Care of Women and Children in Complex Emergencies
IAFF 6186Special Topics in Security Policy Studies
• Roles, Identities and CVE
PUBH 6099Topics in Public Health
• Research - Violence Against Women
MGT 6290Special Topics
• Research - Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership
WGSS 6220Fundamentals of Feminist Theory
WGSS 6221Research Issues in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 6240Gender and Public Policy
WGSS 6241Gender, Law, and Politics
WGSS 6268Race, Gender, and Class
WGSS 6270Seminar: Selected Topics
• African Women in America
• Women and Gender in International Perspectives
Students may take ONE undergraduate class for graduate credit as a supporting course with permission from the program director, academic advisor, and instructor (who must agree to assign additional work) at the graduate level:
IAFF 2190WSpecial Topics
• Women in Global Politics
IAFF 3183Special Topics in Development Policy
• Human Trafficking
Students may substitute other courses not listed above with the approval of the program director.