Master of Arts in the Field of International Affairs, Europe, Eurasia, and Russia Concentration

Choose at least one course from Group A: Western, Central and Eastern Europe and one from Group B: Russia and Eurasia. The other two courses may be taken from either group.

Group A. Western, Central and Eastern Europe
HIST 6042Seminar: World War II
HIST 6050Modernization, Imperialism, Globalization
HIST 6051Re-thinking Cold War History
HIST 6121Rdg/Rsch Sem:Mod European Hist
HIST 6170Eastern European History I
HIST 6171Eastern European History II
IAFF 6338Special Topics in European and Eurasian Studies
• The European Union
• Transatlantic Relations in the 21st Century
PSC 6364Comparative Governments and Politics of Central And Eastern Europe
PSC 6465The International Politics of Central and Eastern Europe
PSC 8388Selected Topics in Comparative Politics
Group B. Russia and Eurasia
HIST 6188The Soviet Union and the World, 1917–1991
IAFF 6138Special Topics in International Development Studies
• Post-Soviet Democracy Development
IAFF 6338Special Topics in European and Eurasian Studies
• Turkey's Place in Europe
• History and Politics of the Caucasus
• Security in Russia/Eurasia

Note: Special/Selected Topics courses change often
Check the schedule of classes for each semester's offerings. With permission of the program director, other Special/Selected Topics courses not listed here may be used to fulfill program requirements.