Master of Arts in the Field of International Affairs, Conflict and Conflict Resolution Concentration

Required course:
IAFF 6171Introduction to Conflict Resolution
Supporting courses:
IAFF 6118Special Topics in International Affairs
• International Law and the Use of Force
• Reinventing the United Nations
• US Foreign Policy and International Organizations
IAFF 6138Special Topics in International Development Studies
IAFF 6186Special Topics in Security Policy Studies
• Conflict Prevention and Early Warning
• Stabilization and Peacebuilding
IAFF 6318Special Topics in Asian Studies
Law – Relevant courses in the GW Law School (maximum two courses; requires permission from the Law School dean of students). Students should consult the Elliott School Academic Advising & Student Services office before enrolling in Law School courses.
Note: Special/Selected Topics courses change often Check the schedule of classes for each semester's offerings. With permission of the program director, other Special/Selected Topics courses not listed here may be used to fulfill program requirements.