Master of Arts in the Field of International Affairs, Asia Concentration

Asian studies concentrators must take four courses from at least three of the following groupings:

Group 1: History of Modern Asia
HIST 6601Topics: Asian History
• Geography and Politics of Afghanistan and South and Central Asia
HIST 6602Asia: History, Memory, and Violence
HIST 6611Readings Seminar: Twentieth-Century China
HIST 6630Spec Topics in Korean History
HIST 6641Modern Southeast Asia
Group 2: Politics and Policy in Asia
A. Domestic Politics, Foreign Policy and Law
ENGL 6560Postcolonialism
IAFF 6302Taiwan: Internal Development and Foreign Policy
LAW 6543Law of the People's Repub/Chin
PSC 6336Political Economy of Developing Areas
PSC 6368Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy
PSC 6370Politics of China I
PSC 6374Korean Politics
B. Security and Military Policy
IAFF 6118Special Topics in International Affairs
IAFF 6186Special Topics in Security Policy Studies
• The Chinese Military
Group 3: International Relations of Asia
HIST 6301Topics: U.S. History
• US-Asia Relations
IAFF 6302Taiwan: Internal Development and Foreign Policy
IAFF 6308Intl Relations of South Asia
PSC 6372Foreign Policy of the PRC
PSC 6475International Politics of East Asia
PSC 6489Topics in International Relations
• U.S. China Relations
Group 4: Asian Business and Development
ECON 6269Economy of China I
ECON 6271Economy of Japan
PSC 6336Political Economy of Developing Areas
PSC 6373Political Economy of Industrializing Asia