Master of Arts in the Field of International Affairs, Africa Concentration

Select four courses from the list below. At least two (6 credits), must come from the core courses list.

Core courses
Choose at least two:
IAFF 6118Special Topics in International Affairs
• Rising China in Africa
IAFF 6138Special Topics in International Development Studies
• Development in Africa
IAFF 6186Special Topics in Security Policy Studies
• Security Challenges in Africa
• War and Conflict in Africa
PSC 8388Selected Topics in Comparative Politics
• Political Economy of Africa
Supporting courses:
ANTH 6301The Anthropology of Development
ANTH 6391Anthropology and Contemporary Problems
• Refugees, Displacement, and Diaspora
ECON 6250Survey of Economic Development
ECON 6237Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources
IAFF 6138Special Topics in International Development Studies
• Climate Change and Sustainable Development
• Development in Conflict Zones
• Gender and Development
• Humanitarian Assistance
IAFF 6171Introduction to Conflict Resolution
IAFF 6186Special Topics in Security Policy Studies
• International Peacekeeping
• Politics of Peace Agreements
IBUS 6402Managing in Developing Countries
PSC 8334Democracy and Democratization in Comparative Perspective
PSC 8489Selected Topics in International Politics
PUBH 6480Public Health in Humanitarian Settings
• Humanitarian Operations
Students are encouraged to explore Africa offerings in the consortium institutions (Howard, Georgetown and American University) and discuss these with the Faculty Advisor.

Note: Special/Selected Topics courses change often
Check the schedule of classes for each semester's offerings. With permission of the program director, other Special/Selected Topics courses not listed here may be used to fulfill program requirements.