Minor in Electrical Engineering

The minor in electrical engineering is offered by the department of electrical and computer engineering. The curriculum consists of prerequisite courses, core courses, and elective courses. The total number of credit hours beyond the prerequisites is 17, out of which at least 9 credit hours are from the courses not required for the major.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The following courses must be completed before beginning the minor program.
PHYS 1022University Physics II
APSC 2113Engineering Analysis I
ECE 2110Circuit Theory
ECE 2115Engineering Electronics
ECE 2210Circuits, Signals, and Systems
Two of the following:
ECE 3220Intro to Digital Signal Proces
ECE 3125Analog Electronics Design
ECE 3130Digital Electronics and Design *
ECE 3315Fields and Waves I *
ECE 3410Communications Engineering *
ECE 3415Introduction to Computer Networks *
ECE 3520Microprocessors: Software, Hardware, and Interfacing *
ECE 4610Electrical Energy Conversion
ECE 4620Electrical Power Systems
ECE 4710Control Systems Design *
* These course have additional prerequisites.