Minor in Electrical Engineering

The curriculum consists of prerequisite, core, and elective courses. Excluding prerequisite courses, 17 credits are required for the minor; for students entering in 2020 or after, at least 9 of those credits must be in courses not required for the major.

Students must have a 2.2 GPA or above in required and elective ECE courses taken for the minor in order to fulfill minor requirements.

The following courses must be completed before beginning the minor:
PHYS 1022University Physics II *
or PHYS 1026 University Physics II with Biological Applications
APSC 2113Engineering Analysis I *
ECE 2110Circuit Theory
ECE 2115Engineering Electronics
ECE 2210Circuits, Signals, and Systems
Two of the following:
ECE 3220Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
ECE 3125Analog Electronics Design
ECE 3130Digital Electronics and Design *
ECE 3315Fields and Waves I *
ECE 3410Communications Engineering *
ECE 3520Microprocessors: Software, Hardware, and Interfacing *
ECE 4415Introduction to Computer Networks
ECE 4425Data Communications Laboratory
ECE 4610Electrical Energy Conversion
ECE 4620Electrical Power Systems
ECE 4710Control Systems Design *

* Requires additional prerequisites.