Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Computer Science

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under School of Engineering, Doctoral Program Regulations.

Students with an MS degree must take a minimum of 30 credits, consisting of 18 credits of courses available for graduate credit and 12 credits of dissertation research. For students without an MS degree, an additional 24 credits have to be completed; these may be divided between courses available for graduate credit and dissertation credits, subject to the approval of the student’s advisor. For students without a prior master's degree, 15 credits may be taken outside of the department; for those with a prior master's degree, 9 credits may be taken outside of the department. In some cases, particularly when the student undertakes a doctoral program in a field other than that in which the earlier degree was earned, the program of study exceeds the minimum number of credits. 

No specific courses are required. Individual plans of study are developed in consultation with the advisor; however, the plan of study must include one course in each of the areas of theory, systems, and applications, and one advanced topics course.

Other requirements

  • Preliminary examination—Students must pass the examination within four semesters of starting the program.
  • Dissertation proposal examination—Students must pass the preliminary examination prior to the dissertation proposal examination. The student must then submit a written proposal for evaluation and undergo an oral examination.
  • Students are responsible for forming a dissertation committee comprising three members in addition to the advisor and co-advisor(s).
  • Peer-reviewed papers—Students are required to have one peer-reviewed article accepted for publication; two to three published peer-reviewed articles are encouraged. 
  • Colloquium requirement—Each semester, students must attend a minimum of two seminars, workshops, or symposia sponsored by the department in order to fulfill this zero-credit requirement.

Student should contact the department for additional information and requirements.