Master of Science in the Field of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science administers the fields of computer science and of cybersecurity in computer science. Both thesis and non-thesis options are available. In addition to the entrance requirements, students are expected to be adequately prepared in the basic physical sciences and in mathematics (one year each of university laboratory science and of math beyond precalculus), and to have taken a course in computer programming using a structured language and CSCI 1112CSCI 1311, and CSCI 2461 or their equivalents

Graduate students are required to attend several department colloquia each semester. These are intended to broaden the student’s professional outlook and to encourage interaction with the faculty. Schedules are posted.

The program of study in computer science requires a minimum of 30 credit hours, of which at least 24 credits must be at the 6000 level.

CSCI 6212Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSCI 6221Advanced Software Paradigms
CSCI 6461Computer System Architecture

No area of concentration is required; rather, students can tailor their choice of electives to best meet their goals, subject to departmental approval. Normally, no more than two courses may be taken outside of those offered by the department.