Master of Science in the Field of Applied Computer Science

This program has a fall 2021 start date.

The master of science in applied computer science (ACS) program is designed to be accessible to those without a significant background in computing or mathematics who are interested in practical, hands-on skills for careers in software and information technology. The program focuses on core technical areas, such as databases and networks, for well-established software and information technology careers. Students without the equivalent coursework in the gateway to computer science graduate certificate should consider completing that certificate before entering the MS-ACS program.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 3 credits in required coursework and 27 credits in elective courses.

CSCI 6116Advanced Application Development
27 credits in elective courses, as approved by the advisor. If a student completes the gateway to computer science graduate certificate before beginning the MS program, credit for CSCI 6004 may be counted toward this program as well. Other graduate CSCI courses may be approved by the advisor. The advisor also may approve up to 6 credits of coursework taken outside the department if a compelling case can be made for such coursework.
Suggested elective options
CSCI 4237Software Design for Handheld Devices
CSCI 6004Introduction to Web Development
CSCI 6231Software Engineering
CSCI 6114Introduction to Computer Systems and Systems Programming *
CSCI 6418Unix Systems Administration
CSCI 6431Computer Networks
CSCI 6441Database Management Systems
CSCI 6451Information Retrieval Systems
CSCI 6532Information Policy
CSCI 6561Design of Human–Computer Interface
CSCI 6562Design of Interactive Multimedia
*Students cannot receive credit toward the degree for both CSCI 6011 and CSCI 6114.