Minor in Computer Science

This minor, offered by the Department of Computer Science, is for students in other GW schools as well as other majors within the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The curriculum consists of two segments: core courses and electives whose purpose is to provide the student with depth in an area of computer science. The total number of credits for the minor is 18.

Criteria for admission

To be considered for admission to the second major in computer science, a student must satisfy the following criteria:

Application deadline

The application is due no later than the start of the 5th semester of study at GW or completion of the 60th credit, whichever comes first. Contact the School of Engineering and Applied Science Undergraduate Advising Office for specific application deadlines.

Credits in residence requirement

  • For students pursuing a minor, at least 15 credits in computer science courses must be completed at GW.

Graduation grade-point average criteria

  • To satisfactorily complete a minor in computer science, a student must have a minimum grade-point average of 2.2 in all the computer science courses.

Visit the program website for additional information.

CSCI 1111Introduction to Software Development
CSCI 1112Algorithms and Data Structures
CSCI 1311Discrete Structures I
CSCI 2113Software Engineering
A minimum of two CSCI elective courses requiring CSCI 2113 or above as a prerequisite (excluding CSCI 2312 and equivalent courses). Possible courses include:
CSCI 2441Database Systems and Team Projects
CSCI 2461Computer Architecture I
CSCI 3212Algorithms
CSCI 3313Foundations of Computing
CSCI 3410Systems Programming
CSCI 3411Operating Systems
CSCI 4237Software Design for Handheld Devices
CSCI 4331Cryptography
CSCI 4341Continuous Algorithms
CSCI 4342Computational Linear Algebra and Applications
CSCI 4364Machine Learning
CSCI 4431Computer Networks I
CSCI 4527Introduction to Computer Vision
CSCI 4531Computer Security
CSCI 4541Network Security
CSCI 4554Computer Graphics I
CSCI 4561Design of User–Interface Programs
Other electives may be substituted with the approval of the program advisor.