Master of Engineering in the Field of Cloud Computing Management

The master of engineering (MEng) in the field of cloud computing management is an interdisciplinary program that draws courses from three departments across SEAS: computer science, electrical and computer engineering, and engineering management and systems engineering. The purpose of the MEng in cloud computing management is to address the broad scope of business and technical issues associated with managing an IT infrastructure in a cloud-based environment. Students study issues of strategy, security, data analytics, and delivery of microservices across multiple cloud computing models. The program is designed for students with technical degrees or nontechnical degrees who wish to study the evolving issues of transforming critical business operations to thrive in the dynamic cloud computing environment.

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The following requirements must be fulfilled: 30 credits in required courses.

CSCI 6012Cybersecurity and Privacy
CSCI 6018Cloud Application Architecture
ECE 6005Computer Architecture and Design
ECE 6130Big Data and Cloud Computing (Prerequisite: ECE 6005 or ECE 6015)
ECE 6132Secure Cloud Computing
EMSE 6767Applied Data Analytics
EMSE 6769Applied Machine Learning for Engineers
EMSE 6820Program and Project Management
SEAS 6411Management and Compliance in Cloud Computing (Prerequisite: ECE 6132)
SEAS 6412Cloud Migration Strategy (Prerequisite: ECE 6132)