Master of Engineering in the Field of Construction Engineering

The master of engineering (MEng) in the field of construction engineering program provides students with the knowledge of main trends and technological innovations in the modern construction industry through coursework and interaction with prominent industry leaders. The curriculum is designed to reflect the most up-to-date knowledge in the areas of planning, financing, procuring, constructing, and managing constructed facilities. Upon completion of the program, graduates can expect to have the knowledge and skills needed to be construction engineering experts, locally and nationally.

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Eight courses (24 credits) from the following:
CE 6111Project Management For Construction
CE 6112Construction Project Acquisition
CE 6113Construction Contracts, Insurance, and Bonds
CE 6114Construction Methods, Materials, Equipment, and Systems
CE 6115Project Planning and Scheduling
CE 6116Green Building Design and Construction
CE 6117Construction Finance and Engineering Economics
CE 6118Advanced Construction and Computer-Aided Design
CE 6119Construction Safety And Quality Control
CE 6121Construction Project Control
6 credits in elective courses, which may be in other SEAS departments with the advisor's approval.