The GW School of Business and Graduate School of Education and Human Development offer a dual master of business administration (MBA) and master of arts in education and human development in the field of higher education administration(MAEd&HD) degree program. Up to 18 credits may be shared between degrees: 12 credits of MAEd&HD courses may be applied toward MBA degree requirements, and 6 credits of MBA electives, selected in consultation with the higher education administration advisor, may be applied toward the MAEd&HD degree. All requirements for both degrees must be fulfilled.

The field of higher education administration demands further training in business administration, and vice versa. It is well established that higher education institutions are under pressure to respond to rising challenges due to diminished funding, economic pressures, access for low income and under-resourced students, and demands for accountability at all levels. At the same time demands to optimize limited resources and provide stakeholders responsive digital and online services are increasing.

To respond to current challenges for higher education administrators, policy makers, and consultants, GW has established dual degrees between business administration and social sciences in which MBA students are able to hone analytical skills that examine the intersection between business, technology, social, political, economic, and institutional factors that shape higher education administration and policies and their underlying conditions.

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