Professional Studies Integrated Information, Science, and Technology (PSIS)

Explanation of Course Numbers

  • Courses in the 1000s are primarily introductory undergraduate courses
  • Those in the 2000s to 4000s are upper-division undergraduate courses that can also be taken for graduate credit with permission and additional work
  • Those in the 6000s and 8000s are for master’s, doctoral, and professional-level students
  • The 6000s are open to advanced undergraduate students with approval of the instructor and the dean or advising office

PSIS 2101. Writing and Communications and Media Relations I. 4 Credits.

The fundamentals of reading and writing with a clear sense of purpose and audience. How academic writing in virtually any subject area and on virtually any topic represents a formal engagement with larger scholarly debates. The writing process, including prewriting, drafting, and revision as well as basic research methods. Making clear oral presentations.

PSIS 2102. Writing & Comm & Med Rel - II. 4 Credits.

PSIS 2103. Found Math & Stat Sci - I. 4 Credits.

PSIS 2104. Found Math & Stat Sci - II. 4 Credits.

PSIS 2105. Found Info Tech & Comp - I. 4 Credits.

PSIS 2106. Found Info Tech & Comp - II. 4 Credits.

PSIS 3122. Ethics in Sci & Tech Policy. 4 Credits.

PSIS 3123. Legislative Aff & Gov Proc. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4131. Molecular Bio for Biotech. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4132. Phys Principles of Biotech. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4133. Bioinformatics. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4134. Biophysics in Life Sciences. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4135. Computational Modeling. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4136. Intro Biomed Instrumentation. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4137. Alternative Energy Sources. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4138. Introduction to Health IT. 4 Credits.

Current and emerging healthcare information technologies, the policies involved in the delivery of healthcare and health IT, and the people and the processes that support the delivery of healthcare. Restricted to Majors only.

PSIS 4141. Comp & Telecom Networks. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4142. Rel Databases & Design. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4143. Systems Integration. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4144. Info & Network Security. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4145. Software Sys Dev Processes. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4151. Entrepreneurship & Comm Tech. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4152. Entrprnrshp/Tech Venture Cr. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4160. Introduction to Data Science. 4 Credits.

Techniques used to understand, process, represent, and interpret large sets of data; fundamental concepts and abstractions used in data analysis; practical techniques employed by data scientists on a daily basis. Restricted to program majors. Prerequisites: PSIS 2103 and PSIS 2105.

PSIS 4161. Data Visualization. 4 Credits.

Data visualization fundamentals; theoretical and practical concepts related to creating visually appealing graphics using data; current and emerging software and web development tools. Restricted to students in the BPS in IIST program. Prerequisite: PSIS 2105.

PSIS 4162. Data Mining and Web Analytics. 4 Credits.

Data mining techniques for structured and unstructured data; pattern discovery, text mining and natural language processing, cluster and sentiment analysis, and web scarping and analytics. Restricted to Major only. Prerequisites: PSIS 2105 and PSIS 2106.

PSIS 4190. Capstone Proj & Senior Thesis. 4 Credits.

PSIS 4191. Capstone Project and Senior Thesis I. 2 Credits.

The capstone project allows either the conduct of significant independent research or the design and implementation of a real-world project. Either choice is a means for students to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the program. For most students, the capstone project can showcase their skills via a comprehensive written report or a portfolio that can be presented to future employers.

PSIS 4192. Caps Proj & Senior Thesis- II. 2 Credits.

PSIS 4195. Undergraduate Research. 1-4 Credits.

PSIS 4199. Special Topics. 2-4 Credits.