Lifestyle, Sport, and Physical Activity (LSPA)

Explanation of Course Numbers

  • Courses in the 1000s are primarily introductory undergraduate courses
  • Those in the 2000s to 4000s are upper-division undergraduate courses that can also be taken for graduate credit with permission and additional work
  • Those in the 6000s and 8000s are for master’s, doctoral, and professional-level students
  • The 6000s are open to advanced undergraduate students with approval of the instructor and the dean or advising office

LSPA 1011. Hiking. 1 Credit.

Introduction to hiking as an element of outdoor education, environmental education, and basic wilderness travel, incorporating elements of outdoor leadership. For those with less experience with general outdoor recreation as well as more experienced hikers. Visits to DC metropolitan area parks and surrounding regions.

LSPA 1012. Dance Conditioning. 1 Credit.

Dance Conditioning.

LSPA 1013. Latin Dance Conditioning. 1 Credit.

Latin dance conditioning.

LSPA 1014. Meditation. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1016. Running. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1017. Walking for Health. 1 Credit.

Walking for health.

LSPA 1018. Trail Running. 1 Credit.

Trail running.

LSPA 1019. Outdoor Adventure. 1 Credit.

LSPA 1020. Beginning/Intermediate Golf. 1 Credit.

Course fee.

LSPA 1021. Introduction to Fencing. 1 Credit.

Develops skills for recreational and competitive Olympic-style fencing. Classes are offered in both epee and foil, two of the three modern fencing styles. For students new to fencing as well as those who wish to reenter the sport or learn a new discipline. Materials fee.

LSPA 1022. Basketball. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1023. Jow Ga Kung Fu. 1 Credit.

Jow Ga Kung Fu.

LSPA 1024. Volleyball. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1025. Thai Massage. 1 Credit.

Thai Massage.

LSPA 1026. Karate. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1027. Tennis. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1029. Yoga. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1030. Fitness. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1031. Conditioning with Weights. 1 Credit.

Conditioning with weights.

LSPA 1033. Swimming. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1035. Rock Climbing. 1 Credit.

Rock climbing.

LSPA 1036. Triathlon. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1037. Indoor Soccer. 1 Credit.

Indoor Soccer.

LSPA 1038. Racquetball. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1039. Cardio-Kick-Boxing. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1040. Self-Defense and Personal Safety. 1 Credit.

Self-defense and safety skills.

LSPA 1041. Mat Pilates. 1 Credit.

Mat Pilates.

LSPA 1042. Cardio Conditioning. 1 Credit.

A variety of aerobic activities, including sports training and power walking. Each class includes a warm-up, aerobic segment, and cool down and stretching.

LSPA 1043. Tai Chi. 1 Credit.

Tai Chi.

LSPA 1044. Aikido Self Defense. 1 Credit.

Self-defense training drawing on various methods used in martial arts.

LSPA 1045. Experimental Activities. 1 Credit.

Topic and laboratory fee (if charged) announced in Schedule of Classes.

LSPA 1046. Taekwondo. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1048. Horseback Riding. 1 Credit.

Course fee.

LSPA 1049. Boxing. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1050. Backpacking. 1 Credit.


LSPA 1052. Cross Training. 1 Credit.

Instruction in and practical application of general fitness principles and techniques. Focus on improving overall fitness through activities that cover the five components of physical fitness—cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. The components of fitness are met through structured, individually paced aerobic activities as well as strength and endurance conditioning exercises. A variety of health and wellness issues are also addressed.

LSPA 1053. Squash. 1 Credit.

Equipment fee.

LSPA 1054. Metabolic Effect. 1 Credit.

Emphasis on resistance and cardiovascular training. Sessions follow a high intensity, rest-based interval training format. The goal of each session is to push the student’s body outside of his or her normal level of exertion by coming close to anaerobic threshold, recovering, and engaging in exercise again. Each workout lasts approximately 30 minutes, comprising a 5 minute warm-up, 20 minute exercise session, and 5 minute cool down.

LSPA 1055. Barre. 1 Credit.

Barre cardio and Garuda-barre movement repertoire. Instruction focuses on precision in movement and spectrum of movement from simple to compound and complex patterns. The semester begins with breaking down barre choreography and movement patterns so that the student builds strength and competence at the barre. Barre cardio revolves around the Lotte Berke method.

LSPA 1056. Scuba Diving Certification Course. 2 Credits.

This is an entry-level PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) course, leading to international diver certification. Course fee.

LSPA 1057. Zumba. 1 Credit.

ZUMBA® is a Latin-inspired dance fitness class that uses Latin and international music and dance movements to create a dynamic, exciting, exhilarating, and effective cardio workout.

LSPA 1059. Cycling. 1 Credit.

A high intensity cardio class performed on stationary bikes. Various training techniques and motivational strategies to simulate real cycling experiences. Students can adjust their own resistance and cadence so that beginners and experienced cyclists are challenged in the same class.

LSPA 1060. High-Intensity Interval Training. 1 Credit.

The components of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a low-repetition, high-intensity interval form of training. HIIT can serve as an effective alternative to traditional endurance-based training, providing similar or even better physiological adaptations in healthy individuals.

LSPA 1061. Capoeira. 1 Credit.

Introduction to Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that encompasses elements of music, dance, acrobatics, and martial techniques; five basic movements, the etiquettes of the Jogo (game), Capoeira’s instruments and songs (Brazilian Portuguese). Interactive events with local Capoeira groups.

LSPA 1063. Les Mills BODYPUMP. 1 Credit.

A weight-based group-fitness program designed to sculpt, tone, and strengthen the entire body. BODYPUMP focuses on low weight loads and high repetition movements, challenging all of the major muscle groups while executing squats, presses, lifts and curls.

LSPA 1065. Introduction to Therapeutic Massage. 1 Credit.

Instruction to basic Swedish massage techniques. Draping, basic muscle anatomy, body mechanics, and the holistic benefits of therapeutic touch.

LSPA 1066. Sports Massage. 1 Credit.

Course fee.

LSPA 1067. Group Fitness Instructor Training. 1 Credit.

Group Fitness Instructor Training.

LSPA 1068. Sports Clinic and Workshops. 1-3 Credits.

Sports Clinic and Workshops.

LSPA 1081. Kendo I. 1 Credit.

Kendo I.

LSPA 1082. Kendo II. 1 Credit.

Kendo II.

LSPA 1083. Iaido I. 1 Credit.

Iaido I.

LSPA 1102. Personal Trainer Preparation. 1 Credit.

Prepares students for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer certification examination and to become effective personal trainers. Presents the ACE Integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT) Model as a comprehensive system for designing individualized programs based on each client’s unique health, fitness, and goals.

LSPA 2001. Special Topics. 1-3 Credits.

Special topics.