Master of Arts in the Field of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

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The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

36 credits, including 15 credits in required courses and 21 credits in elective courses. Successful completion of a comprehensive examination is also required.

WSTU 6220Fundamentals of Feminist Theory *
WSTU 6221Research Issues in Women’s Studies
WSTU 6225Contemporary Feminist Theory *
One of the following:
WSTU 6283Practicum in Women's Studies (taken for 6 credits)
WSTU 6283
WSTU 6295
Practicum in Women's Studies
and Independent Research in Women’s Studies (taken for 3 credits each)
WSTU 6998
WSTU 6999
Thesis Research
and Thesis Research (taken for 3 credits each)
21 credits in elective courses. Students choose four graduate courses (12 credits) in their chosen discipline or topical concentration and three courses (9 credits) in courses related to their program of study. **
Comprehensive examination
Successful completion of a master's comprehensive examination is required.

*WSTU 6220 Fundamentals of Feminist Theory, usually taken in the fall semester of the first year, or an alternative course approved by advisor; WSTU 6225 Contemporary Feminist Theory or a women's studies theory course or other alternative course approved by the advisor; WSTU 6221 Research Issues in Women’s Studies taken in the fall semester of the second year.

**Students may take more than four courses in their discipline or topical concentration. For assistance with course selection, students should locate a mentor in the relevant department as early as possible.