Graduate Certificate in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

The graduate certificate in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies is offered to students currently enrolled in M.A. and Ph.D. degree programs at GW other than women's studies and to qualified non-degree students who have at least a bachelor's degree. The program provides students with an opportunity to think and learn about gender in a systematic and integrated manner from a variety of methodological approaches. The certificate is designed to provide an interdisciplinary course of study on women and gender to enrich a student's disciplinary or professional training.

 Specific admission requirements can be found on the Graduate Program Finder.

Visit the program website for additional information.

Effective Fall 2017, all WSTU courses will be referred to as WGSS courses in the Bulletin and Schedule of Classes.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 12 credits, including 6 credits in required courses and 6 credits in elective courses.

WSTU 6220Fundamentals of Feminist Theory
WSTU 6221Research Issues in Women’s Studies
6 credits in elective courses selected from graduate-level Women's Studies (WSTU) courses and/or courses from other departments in consultation with the advisor.