Graduate Certificate in Environmental Resource Policy

The graduate certificate in environmental resource policy helps students develop the skills to design, analyze, implement, and evaluate environmental policy; gain knowledge regarding relevant international, federal, state, and local environmental policies, processes, and tools; understand basic aspects of environmental science and how scientific principles govern the natural behavior of the earth’s environment; and identify the economic factors that drive the decisions of firms and consumers when it comes to environmentally-relevant behavior. Certificate students may apply to the master of arts in the field of environmental resource policy degree program and, if accepted, may count the 12 credits from the certificate program toward the MA degree.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 12 credits in required courses.

ENRP 6101Environmental Sciences I: Physical Sciences
or ENRP 6102 Environmental Sciences II: Life Sciences
PPPA 6006Policy Analysis
PPPA 6007Microeconomics for Public Policy I
or ECON 6237 Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources
PPPA 6066U.S. Environmental Policy
PPPA 6140Introduction to Environmental Law

If a student can demonstrate, by virtue of prior coursework, competency in all of the topics covered by a required course, that student may substitute another graduate course relevant to environmental policy, with the permission of the Environmental Resource Policy Program Director or Director of Graduate Studies.