Master of Arts in the Field of Political Science

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The Master of Arts in the field of political science is offered in four fields: American politics, international relations, comparative politics, and public policy. 

The following requirements must be fulfilled in the the student's selected field:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

Thesis option—30 credits, including 6 credits in thesis; non-thesis option—33 credits.

Required courses
At least five courses selected according to departmental guidelines in one of the following four fields: American politics, international relations, comparative politics, and public policy.
At least two courses outside of the primary field.
For students selecting the thesis option:
PSC 6998Thesis Research
PSC 6999Thesis Research
Other requirements
Possession of a research tool, which may be reading knowledge of a modern foreign language, a specified level of knowledge in statistics, or two graduate-level courses in a cognate discipline.
Successful completion of a comprehensive examination in the selected field.