Minor in Communication

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, including 6 credits in required courses and 12 credits in elective courses.

Required courses (6 credits):
COMM 1025Introduction to Communication Studies
COMM 1040Public Communication
or COMM 1041 Interpersonal Communication
Two courses (6 credits) from the following:
COMM 2120Small Group Communication
COMM 3171Professional Communication
COMM 3174Intercultural Communication
COMM 4150Persuasion
Two courses (6 credits) from the following:
COMM 2000Sophomore Colloquium
COMM 2100Communication Theory
COMM 2140Nonverbal Behavior
COMM 2162Sociology of the Family
or SOC 2162 Sociology of the Family
COMM 3110Research Methods-Communication
COMM 3170Organizational Communication
COMM 3172Health Communication
COMM 3173Communication in a Mediated World
COMM 3175Strategic Communication
COMM 3176Issues and Image Management
COMM 3177Corporate Ethical Communication
COMM 3179Sexual Communication
COMM 3180Communication Criticism
COMM 3190Selected Topics
COMM 4196Independent Study
COMM 4197Internship