Master of Arts in the Field of Organizational Sciences

The Department of Organizational Sciences and Communication offers an interdisciplinary program leading to the degree of master of arts in the field of organizational sciences. The program is designed for public, private, and nonprofit sector professionals who wish to increase their managerial competence, enhance their leadership ability, and improve their career potential. The curriculum provides knowledge and skills in the social and behavioral sciences. 

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The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

36 credits, including 27 credits in required courses, 9 credits in elective courses, and successful completion of a master’s comprehensive examination.

ORSC 6104Statistics in Management, Administration, and Policy Studies
ORSC 6209Management Systems
ORSC 6216Theories and Management of Planned Change
ORSC 6219Managerial Economics
ORSC 6241Strategic Management and Policy Formation
ORSC 6242Organizational Communication and Conflict Management
or COMM 6242 Organizational Communication and Conflict Management
ORSC 6243Seminar: Leadership in Complex Organizations
ORSC 6245Seminar: Organizational Behavior
ORSC 6259Psychology of Individual and Group Decision Making
9 credits from the following:
ORSC 6212Current Issues in Personnel Testing and Selection
ORSC 6214Personnel Training and Performance Appraisal Systems
ORSC 6217Productivity and Human Performance
ORSC 6222Theory and Practice of Compensation Management
ORSC 6223Collective Bargaining
ORSC 6224Persuasion and Negotiation
or COMM 6150 Persuasion
ORSC 6246Comparative Management
ORSC 6248Strategic Human Resource Planning
ORSC 6250Leadership Coaching: Principles and Practices
ORSC 6251Team Coaching and Facilitation
ORSC 6295Directed Research
ORSC 6297Special Topics
ORSC 6298Directed Readings
Successful completion of a master’s comprehensive examination.