Minor in Judaic Studies

Prerequisite: HEBR 1001 Beginning Hebrew I and HEBR 1002 Beginning Hebrew II.

Required Courses:
One course in history from the following:
HIST 3101Topics: Europe *
HIST 3301Topics: U.S. History *
HIST 3001Special Topics *
HIST 3367History of the Jewish People in America
HIST 3820The History of Israel
HIST 3501Topics: Africa *
HIST 6001Special Topics *
AMST 3950Special Topics *
AMST 6190Topics in American Studies
ANTH 3805Archaeology of Israel and Neighboring Lands
CLAS 2105Special Topics *
JSTD 6001Topics in Judaic Studies
One course in religion from the following:
REL 1009The Hebrew Scriptures
REL 3149Biblical Issues *
REL 3321Christian Ethics and Modern Society
REL 3923Violence and Peace in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
CLAS 3114Topics in Ancient Literatures and Cultures
One course in literature from the following:
CLAS 2105Special Topics *
ENGL 3810Selected Topics in Literature *
ENGL 3970Jewish American Literature
HEBR 3101Modern Hebrew Literary Classics
HEBR 3301Modern Hebrew Fiction
HEBR 3302The Israeli Media
Three electives from PSC 2377 or from groups above

 Only special topic may apply