Master of Fine Arts in the Field of Interior Architecture

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

60 credits in program-specific coursework:

First year
Fall semester
IA 6100Studio 1 Graduate
IA 6125Graphic Communications
IA 6150Sketching Architecture and Design
Spring semester
IA 6200Studio 2 Graduate
IA 6225Interior Materials and Color Theory
IA 6250Digital Drafting and Modeling
Summer session
IA 6300Studio 3 Graduate
IA 6325Modern and Contemporary Architecture
IA 6350Sustainability and the Built Environment
Second year
Fall semester
IA 6400Studio 4 Graduate
IA 6425Lighting and Acoustics
IA 6450Research Seminar for Studio 5
Spring semester
IA 6500Studio 5 Graduate
IA 6525Practicum and Internship
IA 6550Structures and Building Systems
Additional requirements
MFA students also participate in the following three programs:
MFA Design Dialogue Series (all semesters)
MFA Pedagogy Workshops (Studio 2, 3 and 4)
MFA Mentorship to BFA Students (second year)
Internship requirement
All students are required to complete a 120-hour internship. Students must be enrolled in the first semester of the program before the internship begins, and it must be completed before the end of their final semester. The internship is a part IA 6525 and counts toward the final grade in the course.

Visit the program website for additional information.