Dual Master of Science in the Field of Geography and Graduate Certificate in Geographical Information Systems

Specific admission requirements are shown on the Graduate Program Finder.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

MS candidates in geography have two track options, the 30-credit thesis track, or the 36-credit non-thesis option. Students from both tracks should be allowed to double count the entire GIS Certificate course load, 12 credits, toward their MA degree.

GEOG 6201Geographic Thought
GEOG 6304Geographical Information Systems I
GEOG 6305Geospatial Statistics *
Thesis option
GEOG 6998Thesis Research
GEOG 6999Thesis Research
Non-thesis option
GEOG 6299Internship
or GEOG 6295 Research
GEOG 6207Urban Planning and Development
GEOG 6208Land Use and Urban Transportation Planning
GEOG 6219Seminar: Climatology
GEOG 6220Seminar: Climatic Change
GEOG 6222Seminar: Resources and the Environment
GEOG 6223Seminar: Population and Health
GEOG 6224Seminar: Political Geography
GEOG 6225Seminar: Transportation and Development
GEOG 6230Seminar: Environmental Issues in Development
GEOG 6232Migration and Development
GEOG 6243Seminar: Urban Geography
GEOG 6244Urban Sustainability
GEOG 6245Water Resources Policy and Management
GEOG 6250Geographical Perspectives on Development
GEOG 6261Geographical Perspectives on Latin America
GEOG 6262Geographical Perspectives on the Middle East
GEOG 6265Geography of Russia and Its Neighbors
GEOG 6290Principles of Demography
GEOG 6291Methods of Demographic Analysis
GEOG 6293Special Topics
Geospatial Electives
Combined program candidates must take at least two geospatial electives:
GEOG 6306Geographical Information Systems II
GEOG 6307Digital Image Processing
GEOG 6309GIS for Emergency Management
GEOG 6310Geovisualization and Cartography
GEOG 6311Open Source Solutions for Geospatial Project Management

*Students are encouraged to take an additonal methods course, GEOG 6292: Qualitative Methods, as an elective.