Minor in English

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits in selected courses.

One introductory courses (3 credits) from the following:
ENGL 1305Colonial/Post-Colonial British Literature
ENGL 1315Literature and the Financial Imagination
ENGL 1320/1320WLiterature of the Americas
ENGL 1330/1330WMyths of Britain
ENGL 1340/1340WEssential Shakespeare
ENGL 1410/1410WIntroduction to English Literature I
ENGL 1411/1411WIntroduction to English Literature II
ENGL 1510/1510WIntroduction to American Literature I
ENGL 1511/1511WIntroduction to American Literature II
ENGL 1610/1610WIntroduction to Black American Literature I
ENGL 1611/1611WIntroduction to Black American Literature II
ENGL 1710/1710WIntroduction to Postcolonial Literature and Film I
ENGL 1711/1711WIntroduction to Postcolonial Literature and Film II
ENGL 1830/1830WTragedy
ENGL 1840/1840WComedy
Remaining requirement
Five literature courses (15 credits) in English (ENGL) numbered 2000 or above.