Master of Arts in the Field of Chinese Language and Culture

Specific admission requirements are shown on the Graduate Program Finder.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate Programs.

30 credits for the thesis option, 33 credits for the non-thesis option.

Language Proficiency Courses
Up to 3 credits, pre-approval required
All students must achieve advanced proficiency in modern Chinese through the following courses. The student proficiency level is first determined through an entrance exam. Those who pass the exam receive a waiver for the language courses, and are expected to take other courses to fulfill the credit requirement.
CHIN 4108Readings in Modern Chinese
CHIN 4122WAdvanced Conversation and Composition II
Major Field Courses
At least 18 credits from the following:
CHIN 6109Introduction to Classical Chinese
CHIN 6110Introduction to Classical Chinese
CHIN 6111Chinese Literature in Translation
CHIN 6112Chinese Literature in Translation
CHIN 6171Poetry of the Tang and Song Periods
CHIN 6172Poetry of the Tang and Song Periods
CHIN 6173Traditional Chinese Theatre and Drama
CHIN 6179Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature I
CHIN 6180Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature II
CHIN 6199Graduate Seminar
CHIN 6123Structure of Chinese
CHIN 6125History of the Chinese Language
CHIN 6126Chinese Phonology
CHIN 6128Chinese Semantics
CHIN 6201Second Language Acquisition of Mandarin Chinese
CHIN 6210Introduction to Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
CHIN 6310Practicum in Chinese Language Instruction
At least 6 credits from the following:
EAP 6111Academic Writing and Research for International Graduate Students II *
HIST 6610Readings Seminar: Late Imperial China
REL 3832Myth, Ritual, and Popular Religion in China
or EALL 3832 Myth, Ritual, and Popular Religion in China
or EALL 6832 Myth, Ritual, and Popular Religion in China
REL 3841Religion in Modern China
or CHIN 3841 Religion in Modern China
or CHIN 6841 Religion in Modern China
REL 3881Women, Gender, and Religion in China
or EALL 3881 Women, Gender, and Religion in China
or EALL 6881 Women, Gender, and Religion in China

*Credit for EAP 6111 does not count toward the degree