Master of Fine Arts in the Field of Social Practice

The master of fine arts in social practice occupies the intersection of art and collective action, connecting practice-based tools with creative, critical, and pragmatic engagement with big questions. The program brings together artists, designers, organizers, researchers, and policymakers whose work expands the role of art and creative practice in the public sphere. The curriculum focuses on the core skills artists and organizers must be able to bring to their work—resourcefulness in making, capacity to lead collective processes of inquiry and decision, practice engaging conflict, project and program analysis, experimentation in pedagogy, and the integration of theoretical and situated knowledge with creative action. The structure of the program encourages creative risk-taking and allows students access to opportunities for learning and collaboration across the range of the University’s research areas and the potential to connect with the region’s deep and varied community-based groups as well as nonprofit organizations.

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 60 credits, including 45 credits in required courses (including thesis) and 15 credits in elective courses.

CSA 6010Social Practice Workshop (taken four times, once per semester, for a total of 16 credits)
CSA 6015History and Theory of Art in the Public Realm
CSA 6016Field and Research Methodologies for Artists
CSA 6080Social Practice Field Studio (taken twice for a total of 6 credits)
CSA 6097Topics in Public Strategies (taken four times, once per semester, for a total of 8 credits)
PPPA 6006Policy Analysis
CSA 6999Thesis Research (taken twice for a total of 6 credits)
A thesis exhibition consisting of the execution of creative work along with a critical statement about this work must be completed under the supervision of a committee consisting of at least two full-time faculty members in the department.
3 credits in studio electives in any art or design area.
12 credits of supporting academic or studio coursework, in any area of the University, selected in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies.