The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Programs.

87 credits in program-specific coursework. This includes completion of a minor program with at least 18 credits.

CAH 1090Art History I: Art Now, Contemporary Perspectives in the Visual Arts
CAH 1091Art History II: Historical Perspectives in the Visual Arts
CGD 1090Design Fundamentals I
CGD 1091Design Fundamentals II
CFN 1090First-Year Studio 1: Drawing and Surface
CFN 1091First-Year Studio 2: Form and Materials
CFN 1092First Year Studio 3: Time and Light
CFN 1093First-Year Studio 4: Interaction
CIXD 2090Narrative Media for Interaction
CIXD 2091Systems Thinking for Interaction Design
CIXD 2111Creative Code
CIXD 3090Human Centered Design for Social Engagement
CIXD 3091Prototyping and Fabrication for Interaction
CIXD 3820Engagement Lab (taken for 6 credits)
CIXD 3910Collaborative Design Project
CIXD 4090Interaction Design Thesis I
CIXD 4091Interaction Design Thesis II
CIXD 4193Topics in Design Leadership
One 3-credit course in any Corcoran time-based media or computational media class.
One 3-credit studio course in any art or design area.
One 3-credit design history course selected from the following:
CAH 3060History of Design
CAH 3065Digital Media Culture
CAH 3150Theories and History of Graphic Design
CAH 3150WTheories and History of Graphic Design
CAH 4179Topics in Design History and Theory
One 3-credit design research seminar selected from the following:
CAH 4179Topics in Design History and Theory
CIXD 4020Topics in Design Research
Required minor program
All students pursuing this option must successfully complete a minor program in a related field. Students should consult with the advisor concerning this requirement.