The following requirements must be fulfilled: A minimum of 18 credits, including 9 to 10 credits in one focus area and 9 credits in elective courses. Students must have completed two years of the primary language or equivalent and one year of the secondary language or equivalent before beginning the minor program.

All courses in one following focus areas (9 to 10 credits):
ARAB 3001Advanced Arabic
ARAB 3301Modern Arabic Literature
ARAB 3302Media Arabic
HEBR 3001Hebrew Conversation and Writing
HEBR 3301Modern Hebrew Fiction
or HEBR 3301W Modern Hebrew Fiction
HEBR 3302The Israeli Media
or HEBR 3302W The Israeli Media
9 credits (three courses) from the following. At least one course must be in the student's focus area.
HEBR 3101Modern Hebrew Literary Classics in Translation
HEBR 3102Israeli Society and Culture: Literary Perspectives
HEBR 3103Israeli Cinema (in English)
HEBR 3104WGender and Sexuality in Israel
ARAB 3501Arabic and Arab Identity
ARAB 3502Arab Film and Culture in English