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CSLĀ 3260. Mold-making and Casting. 3 Credits.

In this class students will gain familiarity with a variety of mold making and casting techniques and materials, brush up on clay modeling skills, and experiment with ways to add a final finish such as paint, stain, flocking, etc, to three-dimensional work. Students will create several small silicone rubber box molds, a large brush-on silicone rubber mold with a plaster mother mold, and an alginate mold from life. Castings will be made in Aqua Resin (a new non-toxic material) as well as polyurethane resin (liquid plastic) and alternative media such as latex, dirt, soap, or chocolate. The addition of dyes and decorative powders to the casting resin will be covered. The concept of the multiple and the copy will be discussed. The integration of mixed media into the final work is encouraged along with creative final presentation methods as students work towards the goal of creating portfolio quality work.