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CPH 3260. Advanced Digital Photography. 3 Credits.

This course is for students who know the basics of digital imaging, printing, and workflow and want to increase their skills and competencies in these areas in a workshop environment. Students will learn more refined and subtle approaches to editing and printing their photographs, develop a personal workflow process that is efficient and confidence-building, and benefit from individual and group critiques of their personal projects. The emphasis will be on exploring the creative possibilities of the digital darkroom, on integrating advanced digital techniques and approaches so that they serve the content of the image and the intentions of the image-maker, and on making high quality prints from both digital originals and scanned film. The class will be taught in an up-to-date digital lab using Adobe's latest Creative Suite version of PhotoShop and a choice of printers and film and flatbed scanners. Among the subjects covered are varieties of ink-jet printers and papers, color profiles and color management, test printing and proofing, advanced scanning and re-sampling, and creating master files. Students will also learn contemporary ideas about digital asset management (DAM). Prerequisite: CPH 2100 Media Lab 1, or permission of instructor.