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CFA 3090. Fine Art Studio III. 3 Credits.

Fine Art Studio III curriculum is constructed with an emphasis on the development of your individual creative process and studio production. Of equal significance is the student's first-hand understanding of areas of critical importance to the fabric of contemporary art that will be studied through the various assignments. These content areas will be explored in depth in Seminar providing the necessary background for your investigations. Seminar will act to enrich your understanding of all Studio III Assignments. Third year is a year built around assignments called "contracts" that provide a framework by which you can begin to create a vital and productive individualized studio practice. The contracts bridge faculty-directed studio projects with independent self-directed art making and emphasize the research of ideas, exploration of medium and materials, and the development of process and production over the course of the year. Formal instruction will include brief lectures and specialized demos with an emphasis on feedback on your work in progress through individual studio meetings as well as feedback on your completed work through formal group critiques. This semester your faculty will be working with each of you towards better articulation and implementation of your goals arising from your studio investigations. During the course of the year, you will be guided through a variety of art making and writing projects that operate through two distinct, but intertwined, art making approaches: expansion of your current studio practice into new and unknown areas and focused studio work. It is important to discover new tools, techniques and areas of conceptual investigation in an effort to expand both your knowledge base and your individualized studio practice. No less important, however, is the focused movement necessary for your commitment to the production of completed, well-realized art works and bodies of work. Methods for locating areas of inspiration will be studied collectively in this course. Your Third Year Studio course is a time for beginning the self-directed practices that are necessary for a studio artist beyond the framework of the academy.