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CBK 7311. Pop-Up Books: Exploration of the Sculptural Book through Paper Engineering. 3 Credits.

This class focuses on non-traditional sculptural book formats and on the design of pop-ups as sculptural book inclusions. Students will learn to engineer a range of pop-up structures, beginning with simple non-adhesive cut-and-fold pop-ups and progressing through a series of more complex glued constructions, including platforms, props, V-folds, and volumes. Emphasis will be on how to integrate the dimensional and mechanical aspects of the pop-up with graphic and illustrative concepts. The class will also explore several sculptural bindings, including accordion books, carousel books, and tunnel books. The carousel book (a nested series of accordions) and the tunnel book (two accordions holding a series of page frames) are theatrical stage-like constructions employing layers of images and text to create dimensional graphic illustrations. Basic bookbinding tools and skills will be discussed, along with the design of jigs and templates for streamlining production in for editions. Slide shows of historical and artist-made books will be presented on each major class topic. Priority to MA Art and the Book students; open to other degree students on a space-available basis.