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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

...and G-PAC requirements: UW 1015 Writing Sem. Summer Scholars . UW 1020 University Writing . One...

University Regulations

...communication--one university writing course (UW 1020 or HONR 1015) and two writing-in-the...

University Honors Program

...of the respective undergraduate schools. HONR 1015 Honors Proseminar: UW 1020: Origins and Evolution of...

HONR 1015. Honors Seminar: UW 1020: Origins and Evolution of Modern Thought. 4 Credits.

Exploration of significant exemplars, milestones, and developments of human thought. Foundational and representative thinkers and texts from Western and Eastern traditions provide an indication of the diversity and complexity of attempts to articulate responses to universal questions, problems, and aspirations.

UW 1015. Writing Sem. Summer Scholars. 3 Credits.