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Master of Forensic Sciences in the Field of Forensic Chemistry

...Chemistry I FORS 6239 Forensic Chemistry II FORS 6240 Forensic Drug Analysis FORS 6292 Graduate...

Master of Arts in the Field of International Affairs

...more areas of specialization. For their concentration, students...of Latin America ECON 6292 Topics in International...

FA 6292. Contemporary Art and Theory for Artists II. 3 Credits.

Part II of a two-semester course that addresses a detailed and thematic history of contemporary art since the late 1960s, along with an introduction to key theoretical ideas shaping contemporary philosophy, art practices, and art history. Restricted to MFA in Fine Arts students or departmental permission only. Recommended background: FA 6291.

FORS 6292. Graduate Seminar. 1 Credit.

Students in designated forensic sciences degree programs must register for this course in their first semester and again after completion of the required independent research project.