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Graduate Certificate in Forensic Investigation

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FORS 6257. Medicolegal Death Investigation. 3 Credits.

Medical, scientific, sociological, and legal methodologies applied to forensic investigations. Aspects of death scene analysis by a medical examiner, including autopsy procedures, unidentified remains, child death investigations, and mass disaster investigations. Prerequisite: FORS 6256 and permission of instructor. Laboratory fee.

PSPB 6257. Designing for E-Publishing Success. 2 Credits.

Principles of digital design: usability testing, search engine optimization, iterative design, and multiple presentational models. Prerequisite: PSPB 6251.

SOC 6257. Criminal Law for Forensic Scientists. 3 Credits.

An overview of criminal law offenses and procedures, evidence recovery, admissibility of scientific evidence, and expert testimony. Emphasis on the interaction between the criminal process and forensic science. Instruction includes a moot court exercise. (Same as FORS 6224).