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Graduate Certificate in Forensic Investigation

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DNSC 6252. Risk Analysis for Decision Making. 1.5 Credit.

Probabilistic modeling techniques with spreadsheet implementation. Special focus is placed on the concept of risk and methods for analyzing it. Topics include: risk attitudes, risk measures, decision trees, simulation models, game theory, real options approach, and risk communication.

FORS 6252. Crime Scene Investigation II. 3 Credits.

Continuation of FORS 6251. Examination, analysis, and reconstruction of crime scenes. Principles from biology, chemistry, and physics applied to identification, documentation, preservation, and collection of physical evidence. Laboratory fee.

NURS 6252. Family Nurse Practitioner III for Nurse Practitioners: Lifespan Primary Care Diagnosis Management. 4 Credits.

Third theory course for family nurse practitioner students nationally certified in another APRN population; common acute and chronic problems across the lifespan; professional issues, role development, certification, ethical issues in practice, inter-professional collaboration, and health care reimbursement issues. Corequisite: NURS 6227. Prerequisite: NURS 6251.