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Graduate Certificate in Forensic Investigation

...Required FORS 6207 Photography in the Forensic Sciences FORS 6215 Science of Fingerprints FORS 6251...

Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Human Paleobiology

...Graduate Programs . The requirements for the Doctor of...6230 Human Genetics BISC 6251 Evolutionary Developmental Biology...

DNSC 6251. Optimization Models for Decision Making. 1.5 Credit.

Optimization techniques, including linear programming, sensitivity analysis, networks, integer programming and multiple objective optimization, and nonlinear and evolutionary programming. Prerequisites: DNSC 6202 (equivalent to MBAD 6221 and MBAD 6222 or MBAD 6224).

FORS 6251. Crime Scene Investigation I. 3 Credits.

Examination, analysis, and reconstruction of crime scenes. Principles from biology, chemistry, and physics applied to identification, documentation, preservation, and collection of physical evidence. Laboratory fee.

NURS 6251. Family Nurse Practitioner II for Nurse Practitioners: Lifespan Primary Care Diagnosis Management. 4 Credits.

Second theory course for family nurse practitioner students nationally certified in another APRN population; prevention, screening, and the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic health problems across the lifespan. Corequisite: NURS 6227. Prerequisite: NURS 6250.