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Master of Arts in the Field of International Affairs

...6014 Microeconomics for Public Policy II PPPA 6015 Benefit-Cost Analysis ECON 6237 Economics of...

Graduate Certificate in Long-Term Care

...academic course requirements necessary for licensure of post...Needs and Services HSML 6237 Managing the Skilled...

FORSĀ 6237. Forensic Toxicology II. 3 Credits.

Lectures, student seminars, and projects dealing with topics of current interest in forensic toxicology. Prerequisites: FORS 6236 or permission of the instructor.

SPEDĀ 6237. Learning Strategies, Assessment, and Instruction for Individuals with Learning Disabilities. 3-6 Credits.

Theory and practice in evidence-based reading interventions. Learning strategies; content enhancement focused on literacy and self-determination. Material fee.