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...used for GW Nursing 's graduate program, NURS 6220, NURS 6234, and NURS 6222...


...can also be taken for graduate credit with...advising office Note: MBAD 6234 Financial Management is...

Master of Forensic Sciences in the Field of Forensic Chemistry

...FORS 6224 Criminal Law for Forensic Scientists FORS 6225 Statistics for Forensic Scientists FORS 6234...

Graduate Certificate in Survey Design and Data Analysis

...6233 Questionnaire Design STAT 6234 Intermediate Statistical Laboratory...Finder . Visit the program website for additional information.

Master of Arts in the Field of International Affairs

...more areas of specialization. For their concentration, students...6211 Financial Accounting MBAD 6234 Financial Management Only...

FORSĀ 6234. Medicinal Chemistry I. 3 Credits.

Theory and principles of classification, synthesis, and structure activity relationships of drugs. Discussion of the complex chemical events that take place between administration of a drug and its action on the user, with emphasis on drugs of abuse.

NURSĀ 6234. Advanced Pharm for Nursing. 3 Credits.

This course will cover an introduction to pharmacotherapeutics as it primarily applied to Advanced practice Nurses in Primary Care settins. The course will briefly review key pathophysiologic points, and then will discuss the pharmocotherapeutic interventions that may be considered in the treatment of disease. The course will begin with a general introduction to the foundations for professional practice and the concepts of pharmacoeconomics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenetics will be introduced. Issues surrounding community practices in pharmacotherapeutics will be explored. The course will then focus on pharmacological interventions in the spectrum of disease states seen in primary care practices involving the Nervous system, Immune System, Cardiovascular system, Hematologic system, Genitourinary system, Gastrointestinal system, Respiratory system, Endocrine system, Sensory systems, and the Skin.