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Information Systems and Technology Management

...can also be taken for graduate credit with...Systems Development and Applications - ISTM 6225 Enterprise Architecture .

Master of Science in Nursing in the Field of Family Nurse Practitioner

...program prepares registered nurses for leadership in primary...end of April. NURS 6225 Adult/Gerontology Primary...

Registered Nurse to Master of Science in Nursing, Adult–Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

For newly licensed registered nurse (RN) graduates as...end of April. NURS 6225 Adult/Gerontology Primary...

Master of Forensic Sciences in the Field of Forensic Chemistry

...Analysis FORS 6224 Criminal Law for Forensic Scientists FORS 6225 Statistics for Forensic Scientists FORS...

Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Human Paleobiology

...Graduate Programs . The requirements for the Doctor of...6407 Anthropological Genetics BISC 6225 Molecular Phylogenetics BISC...

FORS 6225. Statistics for Forensic Scientists. 3 Credits.

Statistics with a focus on forensic applications. Emphasis on the Bayesian approach. Logical, probabilistic statistical reasoning skills, and R software skills. Course content is the basis for an examination question on the comprehensive examination. Students must have taken an undergraduate statistics course before registering. Restricted to None. Prerequisites: An undergraduate statistics course.

PSLD 6225. Landscape Plants for Summer. 2 Credits.