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...can also be taken for graduate credit with...Economics II and ECON 6219 Managerial Economics , or...

Graduate Certificate in Contexts of Environmental Policy

...contexts of environmental policy for National Park Environmental Law GEOG 6219 Seminar: Climatology GEOG...

DNSCĀ 6219. Time Series Forecasting for Analytics. 3 Credits.

Predictive analysis and blackbox models for time series and econometric forecasting; identifying hidden patterns and structures in the univariate and multivariate time series data and exploiting these for forecasting; use of SAS to apply different forecasting models and methodologies to real life time-series data. Restricted to students in the master of science in business analytics degree program; program approval may be substituted.

FORSĀ 6219. Digital Image Processing. 3 Credits.

Digital images of marginal value can be processed to reveal details which had been in the original, but were difficult to see. These changes must be done in ways to survive court challenges. Best practices for doing so are provided. Prerequisites: FORS 6207 or permission of the instructor. Recommended background: graduate level work in MS/CSI, MFS/FRA, MS/FRA or Grad Cert in Forensic Investigations; graduate-level work in crime scene investigation and/or friction ridge analysis, or in the graduate certificate program in forensics investigations.