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Applied Science (APSC)

...can also be taken for graduate credit with...s Office--1001, 3098, 6215, 6216 Civil and...

Graduate Certificate in Forensic Investigation

...Required FORS 6207 Photography in the Forensic Sciences FORS 6215 Science of Fingerprints FORS 6251...

Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Human Paleobiology

...Graduate Programs . The requirements for the Doctor of...vertebrate paleontology core BISC 6215 Vertebrate Phylogeny GEOL...

ANAT 6215. Anatomy for Health Sciences Students. 3 Credits.

A gross anatomy course that includes examination of prosected cadavers. Sessions on how to conduct a physical examination of a particular body region are preceded immediately by lectures on the same region.

FORS 6215. Science of Fingerprints. 3 Credits.

A general overview of the history and biology of and principles underlying the science of fingerprints. Latent print development methods, recording, classification, and methodology of comparison of fingerprints and palm prints to include latent prints. Subject matter is covered at an introductory level; additional study is required to develop expertise as a latent fingerprint examiner. Restricted to None. Prerequisites: None.

HSML 6215. Health Law for Managers. 2 Credits.

Sources of law and legal processes affecting health services. Administrative law and agency processes. Legal aspects of torts and contracts for physicians, staff, patients, and health services organizations and systems. Trends in health services law. Prerequisites: HSML 6202 and HSML 6203.