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Master of Forensic Sciences in the Field of Forensic Chemistry

...FORS 6206 Trace Evidence Analysis FORS 6210 Advanced Instrumental Analysis FORS 6224 Criminal Law for...

Doctor of Philosophy in the Field of Human Paleobiology

...Graduate Programs . The requirements for the Doctor of...Primate Life Histories BISC 6206 Current Topics in...

FORSĀ 6206. Trace Evidence Analysis. 3 Credits.

Principles that govern the analysis of trace evidence, including recovery, transference, interpretation, and comparison. Assessment of evidentiary value, reporting, and court testimony. Laboratory fee.

PSLMĀ 6206. Strategic Leadership for Sustainability and Change. 3 Credits.

Integration of the content of PSLM 6204 and PSLM 6205 through a focus on strategic leadership. Prerequisite: PSLM 6205.