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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

...6204 Health Information and Technology ** NURS 6290 Global Health for Health Care Professionals ** NURS 6204...

Graduate Certificate in Forensic Investigation

...following: FORS 6203 Examination of Questioned Documents FORS 6204 Firearms and Toolmark Identification FORS 6254...

Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies

...studies is intended primarily for international museum professionals...Preventive Conservation Concepts MSTD 6204 Preventive Conservation Techniques...

Graduate Certificate in Long-Term Care

...academic course requirements necessary for licensure of post...Topics in HSML HSML 6204 Quality and Performance...

EHS 6204. Public Information Management for Emergency Medical Services Leadership. 3 Credits.

Public information management for emergency services executives, managers, and supervisors.

FORS 6204. Firearms and Toolmark Identification. 3 Credits.

Methods for identifying firearms, bullet cartridge casings, toolmarks, gunshot residue, obliterated serial numbers, tire marks, and footprints. Laboratory fee.

LGAF 6204. Research Methods for Legislative Affairs Specialists. 3 Credits.

Approaches to political analysis. Construction of research designs and problems of measurement.

RAFF 6204. Clinical Research for Regulatory Affairs. 3 Credits.

The planning and conduct of clinical trials. Topics include protocol development, study design, post-marketing surveillance, and evaluation and assessment of regulatory submissions. Strategies for achieving clinical development goals.